Lavender Driftwood

Lavender Driftwood

*floral, masculine, complex*

Perfect for creating a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, Lavender Driftwood’s blend of floral and woodsy notes creates a unique and soothing scent that is both comforting and refreshing.

The combination of lavender, cypress, cedar, and amber in Lavender Driftwood creates a sophisticated and balanced fragrance that is both refreshing and warm. The masculine notes of cypress and cedar provide depth and complexity, while the lavender adds a soft and floral touch that makes this fragrance unique and versatile.

Lavender Driftwood is a perfect choice for those who love the classic scent of lavender but are looking for something a bit different. The addition of woodsy and nautical notes gives this fragrance a modern twist, making it a great option for those who enjoy fresh and clean scents with a unique edge.

Comes in three sizes:

  • 14oz (Large Jar)
  • 7oz (Frosted Jar)
  • 2 Tin Set

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