Ryan Kuhnert
Owner / Lead Chandler

Kuhnert's Candles LLC was born in 2021 out of my personal journey. My name is Ryan Kuhnert, and after experiencing the demands of the corporate world, I realized I yearned for a more creative and fulfilling path. The daily grind left me feeling exhausted and distant from the creative souls who inspired me.

That desire to create and carve my own path led me to a pivotal moment: pouring my very first candle. It ignited not just a flame but a revolution within me. Today, it's my life's purpose to craft exceptional candles and kindle the creative sparks in others.

As you light one of our candles, I hope you can feel the passion and care I've poured into every creation. It's my way of sharing a piece of my journey with you.

With Great Care and Respect,

Ryan Eugene

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