Fresh Coffee

Fresh Coffee

*bold, warm, roasted* 

This fragrance brings the cozy and inviting scent of freshly brewed coffee into your home. The top notes of just-ground coffee beans give off a strong and bold aroma that instantly fills the room with a familiar and comforting smell. The added touch of sugar and cream adds a hint of sweetness, creating a perfect balance of flavors that reminds you of enjoying a cup of coffee at your favorite neighborhood cafe.

The rich and robust scent of Fresh Coffee will make you feel like you're sitting in a bustling coffee shop, surrounded by the comforting and familiar aroma of freshly brewed coffee. It's the perfect way to bring the warmth and coziness of your favorite cafe into your own home.

Overall, this fragrance is a must-have for coffee lovers who want to fill their favorite spaces the warm and inviting scent of freshly brewed coffee. With just one whiff, you'll feel like you're sipping on a delicious cup of coffee in a cozy nook, making it the perfect way to create a warm and comforting atmosphere in any space. Enjoy the invigorating and familiar scent of Fresh Coffee and let it transport you to your happy place every time you take a sniff.

Comes in three sizes:

  • 14oz (Large Jar)
  • 7oz (Frosted Jar)
  • 2 Tin Set

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